Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fear & Permission

Chris Guillebeau is a well known blogger who writes about unconventional strategies for life, work, and travel.

This video resonated with me after the doldrums that we have been experiencing here lately.  The whole point of this change in our lives is to live without fear and not have to ask permission to do what we want.  I especially enjoyed Chris's points about how you cannot bargain with fear, or a crocodile, even if you play it "safe".

Life is unpredictable... 

...we should strive everyday to work towards our dreams.  No one but ourselves can give us the permission to go out and make these dreams real.


  1. When we talk to others about our dreams they respond out of fear of the unknown. Not because they wish you ill will, but because they have fear and if you actually follow your unconventional dream in whatever shape or form that it materializes, it acts as a reflection on the fears they carry with them with consciously realizing.

    Sometimes it's better not to share your dream with too many people because you want the ability to adapt your dream to the realities around you and you really don't want to have to carry the weight of other people's fear.

    All the best,

    JC McDowell & the Family Unit

  2. Well stated JC.

    When talking with other people it could also be that your unconventional dreams don't fit into their version of reality, and by doing so add to the fear of the unknown.