Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dead Blog?


I've read a few times that if you don't keep up a schedule of posting that you will lose interest in your blog and lose readership.  It makes sense.  The internet is a fickle place, with boundless amounts of information for every possible interest...

Well here it is almost a month since my last post!  In looking back at the blog over the past few months it seems that I was posting pretty regularly just before we listed our house for sale.  In those days I was full of optimism and really felt that we would have moved past this point in our lives by now (July).  Well we haven't, the house is still for sale, we have dropped the asking price by more than 17k and can't go much lower before selling it will eat into a significant chunk of our savings.

Everything else is on track though.  We have been saving money and paring down our possessions. 

We actually should be really content and happy with the life we have.  We have both received promotions at work in the last year, we have a nice house, and lots of other things going for us.  The problem is now that this dream of living simply on a sailboat has gotten into our heads, it just makes so much sense and we can't get it out again.

But I digress. 

The blog isn't dead, it is just that there hasn't been much "Changing Course" to talk about.  In keeping with the sailing analogies:  It seems the wind has been knocked out of my sails.

On the bright side, we are taking a three day live aboard sailing class this coming weekend on Lake Champlain.  I think a re-cap of the class will make for a good blog post.

Till then...