Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pulling Off The Band-Aid

Remember as a kid how band-aids could make everything okay?  And then do you remember dreading pulling them off once your "boo boo" was healed?  The anticipation of it stinging your skin and pulling on the hairs around your wound.  The trick was to do it quickly so that the pain only lasted a second and then everything was okay again.

Tomorrow the band-aid comes off.

It's my last day of work, any wounds left unhealed will be exposed as the next day we leave on the adventure of the rest of our lives.  I don't say the "adventure of a lifetime", rather I'd like my lifetime to be an adventure.

It starts on Saturday!


  1. And what an adventure it will be! Just getting through an average day aboard a boat or RV takes up a whole different kind of time and energy. But believe me, it's better than sitting behind a desk all day long.
    Just remember, if for some bizarre reason this new lifestyle doesn't work out for you; at least you tried it and for that you'll never regret it.
    BTW, I think you're pretty brave, I hate band-aids!

  2. I am sure you'll have a blast. Looking forward to read about the land-yacht adventures, until it goes to see! Good luck!

  3. Well, by now you're retired! Congratulations on moving forward with your dreams.

  4. Thanks for the kind sentiments guys! We feel that RV living will help prepare us for a boat eventually.

    Retired? For a month or so before we start a little venture for ourselves!