Sunday, June 20, 2010


The "Doldrums" are an area around the equator in the intertropical convergence zone that are known to sailors for their light and variable wind patterns, often resulting in the boat having to motor through, or wait for a favorable wind shift.

While we are some 42 deg. North of the equator, that is what it has felt like around here lately.  We haven't made any forward progress on the sale of the house, and while we have looked at some boats we haven't found any particular one of interest.

So here we sit, seemingly adrift and waiting for a favorable shift in the wind...

What do you do to keep your spirits up when you get stuck in the Doldrums?


  1. Charter a boat? Captains course? Sailing certification? Anything to get out on the water. Maybe pick up a small day sailor to keep your spirits up. Join a yacht club? Sorry, just tossing some ideas out there.

  2. I'd see it as a time to get even more prepared, reading sailing tales or maintenance books,taking courses like CPR, diesel engine, etc, and just be patient... or like the post above, just go sailing. Soon the stars will align!

  3. Thanks for the comments. We just scheduled a couples cruising course for the weekend of July 24th - 26th on Lake Champlain! Something good to look forward to now :)

    We also bough a Fatty Knees sailing dinghy back in early May that we have been working at restoring. I will write a post about it sometime soon.

    Thanks again for the encouragement!