Monday, November 29, 2010

Cross Roads

Today is supposed to be the day where we sit down with internet access and figure out where we are going next.  It's as simple as choosing a destination, but what are the greater implications of such decisions?

If we get somewhere and don't like it we will have wasted gas and therefore money, of which there is a finite amount.  If we get somewhere and love it, will we want to stay?  If we go somewhere, will it be further from where we want to go?

We are at a cross roads.  We've had a wonderful time on our trip thus far, but we are weary of much of the suburban scenery we see day to day.  It seems every exit off the interstate looks the same:  there is a Walmart, a Burger King, a Dunkin Donuts, three or four gas stations, a couple of strip know the scene. 

There have been places on our trip so far that we could really see ourselves staying at for a while.  Key West and Charleston come to mind.  Both towns have done a great job of keeping vibrant downtown scenes and keeping big boxes to a minimum and pushed to the outside.

A funny thing is that we don't mind living in the small space of the RV, it's more a sense of place that we are missing.  However, we aren't ready to just settle into an apartment or house again and be tied down with a lease, or furniture.  If only there was a place to boondock in a nice community's downtown for free!

So, what do we do?  Do we head further West into the vast greatness of this country and see if there is a place for us there?  Do we follow through on our initial quest to find a small sailboat to live on?  Do we pack it in, get on a plane and go to another country?

Somehow, I don't think I'll find the answer by the end of today...


  1. It's nice to have so many opportunities to pick from! I'm sure whatever you choose will be another great adventure.

  2. Not to influence anything, but the West is really neat. Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah have great landscapes seen nowhere else. To be free to chose any of the plans you listed is however the real treat!

  3. An old saying comes to mind... go west young man, go west... traveling down the east coast is an adventure in climate and culture but if you really want to experience the melting pot that this country really is and see what this country has to offer then you need to see the Midwest and the southwest. Granted you want to eventually end up on a boat in some grand harbor which of course, there isn't that out there, but I think it requires you to see san diego, but the length and potential expense to go out there is a big decision. Good luck to you two!

  4. Even if you find you really dislike a place once you get there, don't be disappointed! At least you know not to go back! I have to agree with billpan, I think I'd be tempted to go west. We've never seen the Grand Canyon and certainly never will via boat. And imagine seeing a sunset in the desert. Before I met Hans my dream was to travel all over the states in an RV, but his dream was on the water. Since we're not getting any younger we opted for a boat. Actually in an RV I think you have a lot more freedom, you certainly don't have to wait for a perfect weather window (unless you purposely travel to areas experiencing extreme weather) to take off, you can always find a grocery store...Anyway I say keep going for awhile, you really are living a dream

  5. I'll chime in with another "Go west!"

    It's beautiful out here.

  6. Yes ! Head west and stay off those interstates! You will only see the ugliest "corridors" this country has to offer. Travel the back roads, drive through small towns. I look forward to hearing more of you travels!

  7. Thank you all for your insight and advice, it's appreciated. I sometimes take for granted the fact that we are free to choose what we want to do next, and it's comments like yours that help keep me grounded.

  8. Just stumbled across your blog while looking for at a couple Rialta photos (we have a 95) ... think your travels are terrific and if you find yourself headin West, we'd like to invite your Rialta to visit ours. We live in Ojai, CA and also have a home in Morro Bay, CA ... both have plenty of overnight space, Ojai even has dump station on property.

  9. Thanks so much for your very kind offer, when we make it out that way we will definitely be in touch!!