Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shutting off our TV

Recently we have been limiting the time we allow ourselves to get stuck watching TV in the evenings.  I say get stuck because that is what it feels like.  You know the feeling...there is nothing on that interests you, but you keep flipping channels trying to find something.  You might tune into something that is mildly entertaining and watch it for a while, but really has it done anything to enrich your life?

By shutting the TV off we have become much more productive and taken big strides towards our dreams.  It is amazing how much time we used to waste just sitting there hoping to find something entertaining to watch.  So now instead of sitting on the couch we have been putting the finishing touches on our house to forward our plans to sell it this Spring so that we can move South and find a boat.

Now I'm not saying we don't watch any TV at all.  We will tune into the news a few nights a week, or watch one or two sitcoms or shows.  But we came to the realization that outside of a few shows that we really enjoy, the rest of the time in front of the TV was spent flipping or watching something that was just "passing the time".  But really, how much time can we afford to pass?  Time is the one resource that we personally can control, and it is finite.  Years from now wouldn't you rather look back and say that you worked towards your goals?  Or would you rather look back and know who won American Idol?


  1. We call it getting "caught in the beam".

  2. That's a good name for it! I read that the average American watches 28 hours per week. That's an extra day a week if you cut down to just 4 hours per week.