Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beating to Windward

For you non-sailors who might read this, sailing towards the direction the wind is blowing from, or "beating to windward", is a lot of work.  Modern sailboats can sail to within a certain angle of the wind, around 45 degrees to either side of where the wind is coming from; so to get upwind you have to go through a series of "tacks" where you change the direction of the boat to either side of the wind to eventually make your way to where you want to go upwind.

That is what the past few weeks have felt like as we prepare for our yard sale, and get the house in order to be shown for sale.  A lot of work.

All of the little fixes that we have been putting off forever now have to get taken care of.  Everything from taping down stair treads, to touch up painting.  Its a good thing that we have pretty much forsaken TV, because we haven't had time to watch it anyway.

What is key here is to keep our dreams in the fore front of our minds.  The easiest thing would be to do nothing, and stay where we are.  We could easily have a nice comfortable life, especially now that the house is finally nearing completion.  But the easy thing isn't always the right thing, or the best thing.

Just a few more tacks...

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