Saturday, August 14, 2010

Decisions are a coming...

Sunset over Lake Champlain from Burlington, VT

As of around 10 this morning, we have to move out of our house by September 1st.  No, it didn't sell.  We rented it.

We put it up on Craigslist last weekend and on Tuesday night we showed it to a group of young guys, about our age actually, who we have ended up renting it to.  We put it up for rent on a whim, just to see if there was any interest.  There was no need for us to sign today, other than to give us incentive to get moving.  To shake off the rust brought on by the stagnation of the past few months.

So what next?

Option 1) My work has offered me a transfer to Burlington, VT.  We have an office there that has loads of potential to grow, and they see me as someone who could grow it.  This option has a lot going for it:  Burlington is a great town, there are good cruising grounds there where we could hone our skills in the next year or two, I'd have the potential to make more money.

Option 2) Move to the Caribbean.  I know, its kind of like cheating to just move there without getting a boat and cruising there, right?  But we were talking about it and thought, why the heck not?  It's easy to move to the USVI, and if we go down in October/November there are bound to be plenty of job openings in the tourist industry.  Fun stuff like being a mate on a sailboat.  Or maybe we start our own little business.

Obviously option 1 is the safe option and option 2 is the "what the f**k do you kids think you are doing?" option.  But life is short, we (probably) only get one shot, so we have to figure out what is really going to make us happy.

No one can give us permission to go with either option except ourselves.  We just have to have the courage to sign that permission slip and hand it to the principal and go...


  1. We're pulling for Option 2! We know the feeling, though. We can't seem to sell our home either and the rental market is just as competitive around here in Louisiana. Either decision you make, it sounds like plenty of opportunity awaits.

  2. Two good options! Maybe take a vacation down there to check out the job market? Hope you have someone checking on the two guys in your house. Maybe a friend with a key? Sorry, about the concerns, just the father in me coming out. Just roll your eyes like my daughters do :)

  3. Thanks guys!

    Paul, don't worry, we've got plenty of friends and neighbors to keep an eye out. We'll also be around the area till at least October to make sure things are going well.

  4. With a nice paying job already having been offered, I'd opt for VT. You wouldn't believe how many boats are sitting vacant in marinas because the owners have just walked away from them. We saw tons of them this summer while we cruised the Chesapeake, and I'm sure the same holds true up north. Maybe you'll even be able to purchase one to live on while you work there! Don't worry the carribean isn't going anywhere.