Sunday, May 9, 2010


As first time "big boat" buyers, we decided it was prudent to have a survey before going through with our purchase, and boy are we glad we did.  It wasn't that anything major was wrong with the boat, but there were several smaller items, and one potentially larger item that would have kept us from sailing away in the near future.  For a boat at the top of our price range that still needed more work, it became impractical for us to go through with the sale, so we reluctantly backed away.

On the positive side, it was a great learning experience to go through.  The surveyor was very helpful and informative and gave us some other ideas of boats to look at.  In any event, this was the first boat that we looked at this year and there is the old saying that only fools rush in...

So now we are at square one again.  We still have the house up for sale, but we haven't received any solid offers, though a couple of people have expressed interest. 

It took a great deal of work and time to get the house to were it needed to be to go up for sale, and now that it is finally complete I sometimes find myself wandering around looking for something to do.  I should probably blog more when these feeling come.  It used to be a void that could be filled by TV, but we sold that.

Our dreams of freedom and living simply still live on.  As we've always said, if we don't find a boat up here (in the Northeast), and the house sells we will move south and get a start on our tropical lifestyle. 

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  1. Sorry to hear about the boat. Don't be in a rush. Find the vessel you'll be comfortable with, or go to Annapolis, have a few too many beers, and buy a boat. Worked for us :)
    We went through Contemporary Yachts in Annapolis. Ask for Carol. Her and her husband Warren were great to deal with. I did a lot of research myself, but if I could do it over again, I would find the right broker, and let them do the work.
    Pretty cool you dumped the TV. We have an extra if you want to get back into the beam :D